For all members, AOPA - Bulgaria offers the following services

  • Services for purchasing and maintaining aircrafts

    Study of the operational requirements towards the member’s desired aircraft.

    Analysis of the procedure to obtain Certificate of Airworthiness

    Study of the market and preparing a report with findings and recommendations.

  • Services for purchising aircrafts

    Collecting of purchasing or rental offers of concrete aircrafts.

    Consultation about import, purchasing or rental contracts as well as filing the necessary documentation to the corresponding authorities.

  • Services about obtaining an Airworthiness

    Consultation about obtaining a Certificate of Airworthiness.

    Information about meeting the requirements of issuing CofA as well as representing the aircraft’s owner in front of the Authorities.

  • Services about aircraft maintenance

    Recommendations about continuing the aircraft’s airworthiness.

    Support in obtaining the required parts.

    Recommendations about proper maintenance.

    Support in writing maintenance programs.

  • Services about selling an aircraft