eng. Rumen Mladenov is in the Executive Board of AOPA Bulgaria since 2017. He has years of experience as pilot in the light and ultra-light aviation.



  1. Dear Sir !

    The club Fournier International (CFI) is a club of the Fournier motorgliders, most of them built in the 60/70’s

    (Pictures please see here: http://www.club-fournier.de/dev/ )

    We are quite familiar traveling around west Europe, going to the east is rather new for us.

    About 15 members of the CFI are planning to visit your Country this summer 2018.

    Could you give us some support?

    According to the actual planning we will enter from Croatia with destination Sofia (LBSF) to clear customs / passports.

    We stay overnight at Sofia, refuel and continue via Primorsko (LBPR) (Refill) to Varna (LBWN).

    In Varna we would spend another night and leave to Romania the next day.

    This is my first planning…if you have ideas how to get a good impression of your country, please let me know.

    Our intention is to get our feet in to the black sea …=))

    May be is there any fly-In in Bulgaria we could participate? Please let us know! We would align our planning to visit your fly-In.

    Biggest concern are the fees at the airports for landing, parking, handling etc.

    What is the best how to avoid unexpected costs?

    I would like to contact the airports to get handling fees, obligatory and in writing via fax machine.

    Some say that these handling fees will be much better, if we show our AOPA-Member cards at the airport. Is this true?

    Again, if you could give us some support, help or hints…it would be appreciated very much!

    Kind Regards

    Dirk Radewald

    email: dirkradewald@online.de

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